“Mirach” is an emotionally stirring digital painting that captures the soul of the celestial body it’s named after in a vivid abstract style.

In the heart of the composition, a pulsating point of light – symbolizing Mirach – exudes a warmth that seems to touch the viewer, enveloped by a breathtaking symphony of colors reflecting the unique spectral signatures of stars. Waves of dreamy purples, blues, and greens, reminiscent of distant galaxies, caress the senses, while fiery streaks of red and orange, suggestive of cosmic rays, stir the heart.

The canvas is speckled with bright stripes of color, like a multitude of distant stars, each adding to the grandeur of the scene. The colors shine with amplified intensity, evoking awe and wonder. This piece isn’t just a painting – it’s an emotional journey into the depths of the cosmos, with Mirach serving as the guiding light in this abstract stellar expanse.



Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 50 cm

Digital art on canvas