“Galaxus,” an ethereal revelation, bathes in the resplendence of crimson hues, as if kissed by the very essence of passion. This celestial masterpiece breathes life into the canvas, as scarlet tides surge and ebb, painting the cosmos with a fervent flame.

Amidst the cosmic abyss, galaxies swirl and collide, their scarlet tendrils intertwining in a cosmic dance of fiery ardor. A celestial firestorm ignites the night sky, casting its scarlet glow upon celestial bodies that burn with an intensity unmatched.

In this scarlet symphony, the universe reveals its innermost secrets, whispering tales of love and desire amidst the celestial expanse. “Galaxus” becomes a portal, inviting us to surrender to the captivating allure of the dominant red hue, a gateway to a world where passion and cosmic wonder intertwine, painting the universe with an eternal hue of fiery romance.




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Dimensions 80 × 80 cm

Digital art on canvas