Once upon a time in the distant planet of Euphoricore, humans lived in perfect harmony. Euphoricore was known for its breathtaking landscapes, advanced technology, and an aura of joy that permeated the very air. In this utopian world, peace and happiness reigned supreme.

One fateful day, a mysterious event disrupted the serenity of Euphoricore, putting the harmonious existence of its people at risk. As the once blissful atmosphere began to fade, a brave individual stepped forth, determined to restore the balance of this idyllic world.

Embarking on a perilous journey, our hero traversed treacherous terrains and faced formidable adversaries in search of the source of the disturbance. Along the way, they encountered wise mentors and loyal companions, forging bonds that would last a lifetime.

As the legend of Euphoricore unfolded, the hero’s courage, wisdom, and resilience were tested like never before. Through their unwavering dedication to restore harmony, they not only rediscovered the lost essence of Euphoricore but also unlocked the true potential that lay within themselves, changing the course of the planet’s history forever.



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Dimensions 50 × 90 cm

Digital art on canvas